Welcome to IVPath

The new face in veterinary pathology

We’ve been using the services of Andrea Shaffer-White and Independent Veterinary Pathology since they opened about four years ago and

couldn’t be happier.

We were initially drawn by their personal, non-corporate approach knowing also that with Andrea’s ample qualifications we’d be in good

hands. Then we were extremely impressed by the attention to detail in the report including colour images of the stained microscope

specimen which included labeling of various parts of the sample. Over time we’ve sent some samples of very unusual conditions and

we’ve been very pleased indeed that IVP always achieve a diagnosis, sometimes even referring to various specialist colleagues of


The turnaround is fast; usually the next day or the one after and the fee schedule is very competitive making it good value for my clients too.

We’ll definitely stay with IVP and highly recommend their service.