Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

With IVP you can earn up to 12 CPD points per year. It’s easy and free!

Our pathologists have come up with 12 brief sessions centred on topics that are relevant to clinicians in private practice. We call these our “pathology quizzes”.

Every month we send out one email with an attached power point presentation. Vets may read the information and then there are 5 easy multiple choice questions at the end.

All vets need to do is answer the 5 questions and email their answers back to IVP. Our pathologists will supply a certificate that states the obtained point(s). 

Quizzes are automatically emailed out at the beginning of every month. Vets may do any of the quizzes at any time it suits them throughout the year. 

Quizzes are generally emailed to the clinic’s email address but if requested can be emailed directly to the vet at a nominated email address. 

All IVP quizzes have been approved by the AVA for VetEd / CPD points.

Topics for 2020 include:

  1. Canine Immune Mediated Skin Disease
  2. Canine Osteosarcoma
  3. Common digit lesions
  4. Mammary lesions
  5. Oral lesions
  6. Peripheral Lymphadenopathy in Dogs
  7. Inking of Surgical Samples
  8. Immunohistochemistry 
  9. Basic Cytology 
  10. Peri-anal masses in Dogs
  11. How To Take A Skin Biopsy
  12. Cytology – guide to approach and self-assessment

For further information please contact Dr. Andrea Schaffer-White or call on 0404 934 568. 

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