Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

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Our pathologists have come up with multiple brief sessions centered on topics that are relevant to clinicians in private practice. We call these our “pathology quizzes”. New quizzes will be added periodically.

Vets who are registered with us may access the quizzes and then there are 5 easy multiple choice questions at the end. Once you have completed a quiz of your choice, an email will be automatically generated that will provide you with your score and give you feedback on the answers. We recommend that you keep that email for your records as proof of participation.

Topics include:

  1. Canine Immune Mediated Skin Disease
  2. Canine Osteosarcoma
  3. Common digit lesions
  4. Mammary lesions
  5. Oral lesions
  6. Peripheral Lymphadenopathy in Dogs
  7. Inking of Surgical Samples
  8. Immunohistochemistry 
  9. Basic Cytology 
  10. Peri-anal masses in Dogs
  11. How To Take A Skin Biopsy
  12. Cytology – guide to approach and self-assessment
  13.  Epulis
  14. Non-diagnostic samples and how to avoid them
  15. Lymph node cytology
  16. Testicular tumours
  17. Tumours of the rectum
  18. Hemangiosarcomas in different locations
  19. Grading mast cell tumours based on cytology
  20.  The different types of lymphoma
  21. The different types of splenic masses

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