WHAT’S THAT CELL???????????

Seeking expressions of interest

Practical cytology workshop VetEd / CPD approved

IVP are currently considering offering individualised work shop sessions in practical cytology to interested clinicians. This would take the form of a small group tutorial run by one of our veterinary pathologists using the multi-header microscope located at our laboratory in Underwood, Brisbane.

Timelines are flexible but we are considering the first of these workshops to be run on a SATURDAY some time in early 2020, likely March / April.

Lunch and afternoon tea would be provided. Sessions to be run from approximately 10am – 4 pm. Cost $69 per person. Small group sessions up to 8 people only.

The idea is to refresh and “upgrade” clinicians’ knowledge surrounding practical cytology, recognition of basic cell types and principles of how to obtain a good sample and interpret smears. Clinicians would be encouraged to bring along their own slides for discussion.

If YOU think you would be interested in one of these practical tutorials please fill in this form

Please RSVP by Monday 25th November 2019

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